Friday, 23 May 2014

The third eye..

                     I see them every day on the train as they come in groups. They make their typical clap and ask for money. Sometimes they behave so rude that it provokes anger but I soon realize that it's because of the way the society treats them. It looked disturbing in the beginning but as I confronted them everyday, I soon began to feel that they are the best part of evolution. They have the strength of men and love of women. I feel this is what men and women around the globe try to be seeking for. Every time she calls me as her brother, it melts my heart. At the same time, I know he could blow me down with a punch on my face. No doubt they are one of the great wonders created by nature. With such great qualities I'm sure they could manage to work in any company. It's a pity that even big companies haven't identified their potential, instead abandoned them. I believe that they hold the key to Darwin's theory of "Survival of the fittest". Unfortunately we don't appreciate such people when we see them right in from of our eyes. Instead we see them as a curse and burden to the society. We are not ready to accept them for what they are. In this 21st century where we still keep debating about equality between men and women, do we even think about them? It's good that doctors and technology are not interested to identify them when they are born. If doctors did so, no doubt their mortality rate would be greater than female infanticide. We might also end up not being able to see such wonderful creations of nature. Our two eyes seem to look at men and women only. Maybe we need a third eye to see them as well.  

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