Thursday, 22 May 2014

How I got fooled into love

                     Neha was my best friend since school and we use to spend a lot of time together chatting over nothing. Both of us had similar liking towards reading and travelling. School was always the best part of my life. We ended up in the same college as well but in different departments fortunately. Still we spend a lot of time together during breaks and weekends. As usual gossips went around with me and Neha being in love. But the least thing I was interested in by then was to be in a relationship. I always loved to hang around with friends and explore the globe. Years flew by and our friendship grew stronger. I never thought that I would fall in love with her until that one day. I went to meet her at home as usual and we decided to go for a walk. Her mom told us to return soon to breakfast. It was early morning and the sun looked beautiful with its orange smile. As we were walking down the lane, she asked me how she looked. I've looked at her face a thousand times before and I was sure it was not gonna be different today. As always, I told her that she looked pretty even though she looked the same to me as when we were kids. She held  my hand and asked the same question again. Finally I took some time to look at her and said "you look pretty.....gorgeous".  Wait. Did I just say that she looked gorgeous? Yeah she did look gorgeous today and her eyes looked prettier than ever.  The moment she heard those words, she couldn't hide the blush in her face. While I was wondering why I said that, I received a call from my parents asking me to come home immediately. My lips bid bye to her unwillingly as I left home. While at home, I couldn't forget her face. I resisted to speak with her a few days after that. Things became normal after a week and I felt a big sigh of relief. Unfortunately it happened again in a month. She started looking beautiful again.  When I told my friends about this, they teased me that I was in love. I started wondering what was wrong with me and didn't like to be so.
                      I finally decided that this shouldn't continue. So, I went to her home that evening and took her to the beach for a walk. As the cool breeze was blowing her hair gently and her face glowing in the moonlight, I held her hand and proposed her. I was expecting her answer but all I could hear was her cry as she fell into tears. She slapped me and said, "why did it take you so many years to say this?". It was only then I realized that she loved me as well. The news soon reached our parents ears. Since they knew about our long friendship it was not a shocking news for them. Instead they were happy as well. While everything was going well , Neha's sister called me and was interested to know how it happened after so many years. I was happily narrating the story to her and explaining how beautiful her eyes looked. When I finally ended the story, she looked at me with an upset face and said " how did Neha love such an idiot! I feel pity for her". My face went blank and I couldn't understand why she told so. Before I could ask her, she continued, "I called you an idiot cause you didn't even notice that she was trimming her eye brows every month and you thought it was love". I felt what an idiot I was and realized how I got fooled into love. Nevertheless, it was of my stupidity that I came to know that Neha loved me. 

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