Friday, 23 May 2014

All in the name of "uniqueness" !!!

                    Quite recently I've noticed that there has been an outburst of the 'be unique' factor. People have started giving more importance to their appearance than ever before. People do so many things just to be different from others. Right from watches, tattoos, shoes, nail polish, hair color, the list goes way beyond one can imagine. This has been well exploited by commercial products. Their slogan is quite simple 'Designed for you, by you'. I've seen a lot of people fall prey for this.  I too became a part of this when I received a mail from my bank stating that I could have my picture as the background of my debit card. I thought it was a cool idea and ordered for one such card. I was very happy to have my custom picture as the background on my debit card. It was great to have one (at least to me). Only then I started looking at the differences around me. It was fun to see how people were doing their best to make them look different. A few of my friends bought things just because others did not have it. They believed popularity would welcome them which is true in a way. Celebrities became the talk of the town and all of them have started promoting brands.
                    On the other hand, there are lot of gossips going around about these differences.  I started noticing the dark side of this when I saw people criticize others. While it was fun in the beginning, I felt  that people were reluctant to accept those who did not have similar preferences to them.  Peer pressure started playing a big role as well. Smoking and drinking have become a prerequisite for parties. If one had to be a part of the team, he/she had to be like others irrespective of their own choice. The society also seems to be growing more intolerant towards others. While it's good to be yourself  it's not necessary to change yourself for the sake of others. At the same time we need to learn to accept and respect the difference in others. I believe the same holds true for ideologies as well. Now that I have written a post in my own style, I've become a unique writer :P.

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