Thursday, 18 August 2016

A father in disguise

Raj: Ma she looks so cute and lovely. I have got someone to play with at home.
Ma: Yes dear. She's our new princess. You have to take care of her.

I was so happy that I have got a sister to play with. I told everyone in my school about it and they were happy too. Everyday after I return from school, I spend all the time with her as it was not only happy but also a way to avoid my homework.

Raj: Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap
Ma: Raj !! How many times have I told you not to take that to her room. 
Raj: Ma it's boring and I don't have anything to do. This is the best game at the moment.
Ma: No. Look at her, she's screaming. You are scaring her.
Raj: Just a few minutes and I will be done.

A few days later..

Ma: Raj, I am cooking here. Can you go and see why she's crying.
Raj: Ok Ma. Will check her out.

I went there and  couldn't find anything. I stood there for while, she stopped crying and I came out of the room.

Raj: Ma, she is alright now.
Ma: Good. Look at your hands...
Raj: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.......
Ma: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah......

I ran outside to get rid of it out of my hands.

Raj: Are you scared of it as well?
Ma: Yes, from my childhood.

As months passed by, many guests came to meet our princess Hema. She was so adorable. Our house was filled with gifts and all of us were so happy for a few years until that one day. That is when I began to realize that the center of attention has turned away from me, towards her. Everything she asked for was made available for her. She had more clothes than me and even more toys than I did. I started feeling that she was more important than me. I started moving away from her and there started my hatred on her. We hardly speak and even if we do, I would manage to get a good fight with her. As years rolled by it only became worse and I have almost reached my college now. New place, new friends and like always new love stories.
Sham: Raj, one of my friend is in some trouble. Can you help me?
Raj: Sure. What's the matter?
Sham: We need to kick some ass.
Raj: What are you talking about?
Sham: There's this guy who is following behind my friend's girl for quite some time.
Raj: Who? And which girl are you talking about?
Sham: Will tell you later. My friend loves her but the girl doesn't know about it yet. Will you help me bash that guy who's following her lately? It will help him earn her love.
Raj: Yep, what are we gonna do?
Sham: So here's the plan. (whispering). We take him out tomorrow in the evening.

We took him out and bashed him as planned. We celebrated with a treat from his friend and I returned home.

Hema: Na, I have bought something for you. Close your eyes and give me your hand.
Raj: For me? It's ok. You can give it to me.
Hema: No. Close your eyes and give me your hand.

As I closed my eyes unwillingly and gave my hand to her, she tied something on my hand

Raj: What is this for?
Hema: Today is Raksha Bandan and this is Rakhi. Don't you know?
Raj: I do know this is Rakhi but why do you tie it now when not in all these years?
Hema: It is because I have realized how much you love me.
Raj: Me? No way. You know what, I hate you with all my heart. You took everything away from me. Ma and Pa spend more time with you than me. All my toys became yours. All people who come home wanted to play with you and not me. For a long time I was left in a state of solitude because of you. I wish you never existed.

With tears rolling down her face,

Hema: But I love you so much and you are my superhero.
Raj: What!!! Can you come again...
Hema: Yes, you are my superhero. You remember that day you came to my room with that mosquito bat. I was not able to sleep because of those mosquitoes. They kept biting me all day. I warned them that my brother is gonna come to eliminate them. They you were, holding that mosquito bat like chota beem. As you smashed them one by one, they fell like leaves falling down the tree. I screamed with joy and slept happily.
Raj: Yeah I remember that. They did the same to me as well. I saw your hands filled with red spots. Didn't want to wait for our parents. So took the task in my own hands to save you.

Hema: On the other day, Ma was cooking food and I was lying in the cradle. There was a small cockroach running around the room and trying to get into the cradle. I couldn't do anything about it other than to cry. You heard it and came into the room, and took them out with your BARE hands. The best part was that you let it get onto your hands gently so that I was not disturbed. How courageous of you!!! But I heard you and Ma scream a while later. What was that about?
Raj: Ah, Mom and I were playing hide and seek.

Raj: You tie this today for what I have done so many years back?
Hema: Not just that. Though we don't speak much, you still care about me and protect me. Today when you bashed that guy in the street, I was so happy. He had been following me for a few days now. I couldn't say to our parents nor you. But you found it and bashed him. That's when I realized how much you love me.
Raj: I have you in my eyes at all times!!

Having realized that Sham's friend was looking out for Hema, I was in an urge to bash him as well.

Raj: Chappppppp...
Hema: What happened?
Raj: There was a monstrous red ant trying to munch your skin. I nailed it !!!!

As she burst into laughter, I hugged her and gave a kiss. After which, I made a promise to myself that I would be her superhero forever.

Hema: But you told me that you hate with all your heart?
Raj: Just kidding. I love you with all my heart.
Hema: Where are you going?
Raj: Have some unfinished business with a friend of mine (wink).

P.S - Happy Raksha bandhan to all. Dedicated to my Thangachi and cute little angel Hema.

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