Monday, 5 January 2015

Thank God !! He has finally arrived.

Tomorrow is a big day in my life. The first time I am going to receive an award in appreciation of my work. I worked as a technician at one of our client offices. Most of the employees in our company were outsourced resources like me. Neither do we  meet very often nor do we know each other well. So everytime we meet, it turns out to be like the first time. I hadn't told Neha about it cause I wanted to surprise her the next day when I come home with the award. I just told her that I had to leave early to office for a meeting and that I wouldn't require her to cook for me in the morning. She usually cooks for me in the morning and I cook for her at night. Having grown up in a metro it has always been hard for me to get up so early. I had set alarms in my mobile as well as in Neha's to make sure I wake up even if one of them fails. She was a bit surprised looking at my weird behaviour and even enquired me about it. I just told her that it was an important meeting with one of our clients and I had to be there in time. I went to bed early hoping to wake up in time. After a few snoozes I managed to get by 6 in the morning. Neha had already woke up by then. She has an internal clock of her own, so she never required any alarms to wake up. I went early as planned and was not surprised to see very few people. I found my favorite place at the back as I always do. Slowly more people started arriving and found themselves a place. Since we worked at different places, I haven't seen most of them. I could recognize a few of them as I have met them before but was hesitant to start any conversation. We spent some time looking at each other's face. I could notice the eagerness in all our faces expecting things to start. A few minutes later the assistant arrived. As he came in two    young people left the place as if they were uninvited guests. Time passed by but there was no sign of him, the one for whom all of us were waiting for. I could see people looking at their watches and growing nervous. One of them asked the assistant when we could expect him. He asked us to wait and went out of the place. I could feel that I had already started sweating. I was anxiously looking at the entrance expecting for his arrival. And finally there he was !! I closed my eyes and thought to myself "Thank God, he has finally arrived". Yes, the much awaited bus driver has finally arrived. Now I could go and attend the award ceremony in time.

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