Saturday, 11 February 2017

Get Lost !!!

This was my last year at college and a Valentine’s Day had just passed by with me being single. My friends believed it was because I never spoke much to anyone and if I had done that, I would have found a girl to be in relationship with. I hardly cared about their advice as I did not feel it was true. Meanwhile, I had other priorities too. Research was my passion and travel and photography were my favorite hobbies. I loved snapping pictures of people’s eyes. They speak a lot more than words uttered from one’s lips and portray emotions far better than words do. I had a huge collection of such pictures in my laptop with each speaking their own story. I spent most of my college life in lab and outdoors. I had now completed my final year and got placed in a biotech company.

First day at work was great with meeting new people and a visit to the lab. I loved my job and had many friends to hang out with. Time rolled by as another Valentine’s Day just arrived and things haven’t changed much than before. And neither did people nor their advice. As I walked back to my cubicle after the celebrations in office, I felt someone was watching me. It happened again in the upcoming days as well but kept ignoring until I realized that I felt it only when I passed through a particular cubicle. I wanted to make sure that it was not a wrong intuition and turned my head to confirm. I couldn’t believe my eyes for a moment. It was Medha who was sitting there and she was the one who was looking at me all these days. The girl whom I was looking at in college for years. Though we belong to different departments we use to meet in common places at times. I had no clue why I loved looking at her eyes but I always enjoyed looking at it. As her name meant her to be, she was intellectual and filled with love. She was a woman with attitude and class. She was the only one I felt bad not talking to in my college. This was one of the happiest days of my life and I couldn’t sleep all night. I was wondering what she was doing at a biotech company.

The next day at office, I was waiting for the lift to arrive from the basement. The lift stopped at ground floor and the doors opened. Holy Cow! It was Medha standing right opposite to me and she looked at me. We stood there looking at each other. To avoid any embarrassment, she smiled at me. I couldn’t even smile back at her as I was in a state of temporary coma until we reached our floor. She then walked to her cubicle and I had to run some tests in the lab. As I was speaking to my friends, I came to know that she was newly hired to write programs to analyze data from our research. In the upcoming days we bumped into each other very often. I was not sure whether it was destiny or coincidental but I was happy that it happened more often.

Days passed by and we kept passing looks and smiles. One fine day, as I walked through the corridor and turned around the corner to leave out, she was turning in from the other end. The moment she looked at me, I saw her pupils dilate slow and wide; she had just left me mesmerized.  It was as if time had slowed down so that I could take a time lapse shot with my eyes. As she slowly crossed me and moved away, I just felt like singing “Thalli Pogathaeeee…”. People around me started laughing out and it was only then I realized that I was indeed singing it loud. The happy part was that she was also enjoying it and smiling at me.

Both of us started realizing that we liked each other. However neither of us took the first step to do the talking. Even destiny became fed up with us and decided to bring us together in the name of competition at office. Everyone were paired up based on names chosen from a lot. Guess what, Medha and I were together as a team. Though it was difficult in the beginning, we gelled very well by the end of the competition. We soon entered into the world of social networking spending hours liking each other’s pictures and chatting all night. In the end cupid struck after months of togetherness. Valentine’s Day was soon arriving and she expected that I would finally propose her. That was the first time I was so stressed in my life to decide on what to gift someone. I bought an empty greeting card, made a beautiful design and wrote just four words. With it, I had a ring as well. Valentine’s Day did arrive and I was all prepared. As I stood far from her trying to get her alone, I could see the happiness in her face. I went near her when she was alone and called her name. She turned and looked at me. Everything I prepared to speak to her had just vanished from my brain in a second and I stood speechless. She understood that I was there to propose her and sarcastically quoted “If you need something, you have to ask for it”. I felt bad that I always become frozen whenever I looked at her eyes. So I decided to look away from her.  I told her that every time I looked at her eyes, I felt like I was lost into a black hole and I wished I could get lost into it forever. She held my chin and turned my head towards her. With a big smile on her face, she looked at me and said “What are you waiting for? Get Lost !!!!”

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